Company Bio

Action Learning Systems (ALS) was founded in Los Angeles in 1995 to address three core beliefs: all students can succeed, success breeds more success, and schools must create the conditions of success. The company’s founder, Dr. Kit Marshall, traveled the country to develop a visionary school reform model grounded in four simple principles: clear focus, tight alignment, high expectations, and expanded opportunities for success. Based on Dr. Marshall’s work throughout the country in standards design and implementation, she developed a school reform model built on the Six Effective Practices of High-Performing Schools:

  • Standards-Based Curriculum and Assessment
  • Research-Based Strategy Instruction
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Targeted Professional Development
  • Achievement-Driven Structure and Support
  • Academic-Centered Family and Community Engagement

Joined by nationally recognized educator Gary Soto, ALS gained status in nearly every aspect of school reform in California in the late 1990s. ALS pioneered a whole school reform model based on research strategies known to have a measurable impact on student achievement: the learning theory and research bases of Rosenshine, Bereiter, Bloom, and Block; studies of school structure and culture by Lazotte and Slavin; and more recent studies of student achievement and performance gains by Marzano, Guskey, and Perkins.

A second office was opened in Sacramento in 2000, and in just a few short years, ALS gathered a team of talended educators who believe in Dr. Kit Marshall’s vision of whole school reform. ALS continues to ensure not only that students are equipped with critical core knowledge and competence, but also that the structure and operations of a school maximize achievement for all students.